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11 June 2011 @ 03:00 pm
I've been lurking in icon communities lately without actively participating. Now that summer break has arrived and I have a little spare time for my interests and hobbies, I plan to take advantage of these two challenges that are currently accepting entrants:

wd_lims  is hosting a rumble with a Tarot card theme. I am very excited to see what kind of challenges will emerge!

disney_hush is also hosting their 11th LIMS round with a heroic theme - heroes!

I look forward to posting my efforts in the future!
28 August 2010 @ 10:08 pm
[20] Spirited Away icons
for 20cartoon20


I'm dreaming! I'm dreaming! Wake up! Wake up!Collapse )

PLEASE CREDIT TO poisonediconz or poisonedwriter

Please join this community to see older posts.
07 September 2009 @ 03:03 pm
I've decided to make this community more beneficial to members. From now on, all older icon posts will be members-only locked. I will leave the most recent post unlocked until I create a new post.

"But I wanted to see more icons! I've run across some older ones that I want!"

Not to worry! All you have to do is join this community, and you will instantly be able to go through the older posts. I do not moderate membership, so it only takes an extra click or two.

Thanks for stopping by!

28 June 2008 @ 07:39 pm
I've been meaning to be more direct about this, and I figure this is a good way to finally go about it.

Would anyone like to affiliate with poisonediconz?

I'm looking for individuals who have their own icon communities or journals. I've added a sidebar to this community's layout listing affiliates. If anyone would be interested in joining that list, please comment! I would love to affiliate with people out there! Please, if I affiliate with you, list me on your journal as your affiliate as well.

I'm also revamping my profile at the moment, and I've added a new tag: "community." This will be a tag designated for posts that contain no icons but address issues or ideas for this community.