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poisonediconz's Journal

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the iconz of poisonedwriter
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This is the icon community for poisonedwriter.

I make a lot of animation icons for various icontests. You may have seen some of my work at disney_hush and 20cartoon20.

If you take any of my icons:
-Comment on the post
-Credit the icon to poisonediconz or poisonedwriter

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This community is now members-only for older posts. Please join in order to access previous batches of icons.

Inspiration comes from many places. If you have an idea to share, let me know your inspiration!

To see some of the awards I've won at various icontests, check out my banners!

Have I used a texture or brush you're interested in? Check out my resources!

If that page doesn't help you find a particular texture, leave a comment there, and I'll try to find it for you.

If anyone would like to affiliate, please comment and ask to affiliate!

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